Congratulations to Pat Unwin who is to be awarded the Charles N. Reilley Award by SEAC.

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Pat Unwin has been selected by the Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry to receive the 2018 Charles N. Reilley Award. The Award recognizes outstanding research contributions in electroanalytical chemistry and will be presented at a special symposium at Pittcon in Orlando in February next year.

Pat will be the 35th winner of the Award and the first person from the UK to receive it. The Award is given in memory of the renowned US analytical chemist Charles N. Reilley and celebrates scientists whose work advances fundamental understanding in electroanalytical science over empiricism.

Pat’s group has made spectacular advances in instrumental electrochemistry in the past few years, developing innovative electrochemical imaging probes to visualise interfacial dynamic processes of wide applicability, from electrocatalysts to living cells.

Supramolecular Photoactivatable Anticancer Hydrogels

2 months ago

Newton Fellow V. Venkatesh and co-workers from the Sadler group just published their work on a new way to deliver photoactivatable anticancer drugs by incorporation into hydrogels.

The group’s ongoing efforts might prove to be seminal for the development of metal-based photoactivatable topical agents for the treatment of lung, oesophageal and other accessible cancers.

Memorial Service for Professor Mark Rodger, Saturday 1st April 2.00 pm

2 months 3 weeks ago

There will be a Memorial Service for Professor Mark Rodger on Saturday 1st April 2017 at 2.00pm, in Holy Trinity Church (5A Priory Row, Coventry CV1 5EX).

Full details of the arrangements can be found on Alison's page here:

A tribute to Mark has been posted on the University insite pages;

Martin Wills, Head of Department.

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