The Haddleton Group is equipped with state-of-the-art  instruments allowing for synthesis and analysis of virtually all types of polymeric materials.

  • Vacuum-jacketed vessels with temperature controls (-20 °C to 150 °C)
  • Reactors for photoinduced polymerisations (UV-Vis range)
  • Parallel reaction stations
  • Size-exclusion chromatography (polar, protic & aprotic eluents)
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (variable wavelength & RI detectors)
  • Benchtop & portable spectrophotometers (UV-Vis-NIR)
  • Various auxiliary tools: rotary evaporators, melting point apparatus, spray coater etc.

equipment example

Being part of Warwick Chemistry, the Group members can access:

  • NMR spectroscopy (incl. solid-state)
  • Mass spectrometers (LS, MALDI-ToF)
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, TEM, confocal, fluorescent)
  • Particle characterisation (dynamic light scattering, laser diffraction)
  • X-ray crystallography

Equipment 1