University of Warwick and WMG already on route with today’s CBI demand for “Greener Miles”

3 months ago

The University of Warwick is not just backing today’s CBI report ‘Greener Miles: Delivering on a net-zero vision for commuting’ – which calls on businesses to shoulder greater responsibility for ensuring their workers adopting greener travel habits – it has already taken action with a two year extensive programme to cut personal car use on campus and therefore reduce emissions.

Bhattacharyya Award for university/industry collaboration opens for entries

3 months ago

WMG, at the University of Warwick and The Royal Academy of Engineering are inviting entries for a new annual award to celebrate collaboration between UK academics and industry. With a cash prize of £25,000, the Bhattacharyya Award will be presented to the team who best demonstrate how industry and universities can work together. Entries must be submitted by 31 May 2021.

Chitin can be successfully extracted from Black Soldier Fly husks

3 months ago

Chitin is a naturally occurring polymer from the husks of Black Soldier Fly larvae, usually considered a waste product from the farming of the Black Soldier Fly larvae. However, researchers from WMG at the University of Warwick decided to see if they could extract chitin from the husks, creating a new economic opportunity.

Smart dielectric elastomers for self-healing soft robots

3 months ago

Robots that resemble organs are known as soft robots, and in order for them to function they must be made of a flexible material, however a material that can also heal itself would be a bonus if wear and tear was to occur. Researchers from WMG, University of Warwick have designed a self-healing polymers for such devices.

The Lancet: Experts call for comprehensive reform of miscarriage care and treatment worldwide to replace current fragmented approach

3 months ago

A three-paper report published in The Lancet and co-led by Professor Siobhan Quenby of Warwick Medical School highlights that the current approach to miscarriage care must be improved, by providing more accurate diagnosis and appropriate investigations, improved treatments to prevent miscarriage, effective management methods that suit women’s needs and preferences, and treatment from health-care professionals specifically trained in early pregnancy care.

Starving Tuberculosis (TB) of sugars may be a new way to fight it

3 months 2 weeks ago

Tuberculosis is a devastating disease that claims over 1.5 million lives each year. The increase in TB cases that are resistant to the current antibiotics means that novel drugs to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) are urgently needed. Researchers from the University of Warwick have successfully discovered how Mycobacterium tuberculosis uses an essential sugar called trehalose, which provides a platform to design new and improved TB drugs and diagnostic agents.

1 hour 10 minutes ago
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